The most common questions answered here!

I signed up, what does this mean?

You will receive a parcel each month until you decide to cancel.

When will my parcel arrive?

If you ordered by the 8th of the month you will receive your parcel aroudn the 28th of the month.

When will you bill me again?

Your membership will be recharged as per your order confirmation.  You will also receive a notification prior to remind you of the payment processing date. 

Can I skip a month?

Sure, just log into your account and choose skip.

How do I cancel?

Simply log into your account and cancel your plan.

Can I order a one off purchase ?

Absoultely, click shop now to see our one off purchases. Please note when paying with PayPal you will be asked to accept PayPals terms and conditions. This requirement cannot be removed as we are mainly a subscription business. All items in our shop section are one off and you are not subscribing to any product or service.