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Author: Amy Kelly - aspiring nutritionist.   Date Posted: 29 July 2015  

Nutrition for kids is easy, right? Maybe, some parents would agree and some will be wondering what the words easy and nutrition are doing in a sentence with the word kids. Separating the real facts and useful tips from the well-meaning, but often conflicting, mountain of advice parents have thrown at them can be just as tricky as the rest of parenting is!


So what are the straight up nutritional needs of a child?

Author: Neeley   Date Posted: 24 July 2015  

When my twin babies were first born, I would happily snap photos left, right and centre, printing dozens of photos of them sleeping and carefully placing them into photo albums alongside lengthy descriptions of dates, times and achievements. As I moved forward, and my third daughter was born, I vowed to take the same time and care in documenting her milestones, her picturesque smiles and hilarious facial expressions.