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Author: Neeley   Date Posted: 9 September 2015  

Once, a few years ago when I was heavily pregnant, a friends' husband struck up a polite conversation about how I was feeling. Before long, he had launched into an angry tirade about his wife's response to her newly diagnosed Post Natal Depression, and he explained to me how it was all in her head. He told me private details about their personal lives, their arguments, their troubles, even their sex life. He confided that she was 'crazy' and that I had to promise that I would keep it together when my baby came. I didn't have much experience with PND, but I knew then, down to the very depths of my core, that he was wrong. 

How could a...

Author: Fowo   Date Posted: 9 September 2015  

Tips for Dressing your Bump

Shopping for clothes when your body is constantly changing can be challenging.

Comfort and class are critical when dressing your bump for every trimester, so here are some tips to get you started this summer:

First Trimester: Keeping it under wraps

When you first discover you’re pregnant, it may be all you can do to keep from telling everyone you meet because your excitement is hard to contain. Howev...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 6 September 2015  

Dear Husband,

Thank you for being the most amazing Father, to our precious children, Braxton and Estelle.  Our little poeple love you more than anything, (even more that the Wiggles, Cricket, Singing and Chocolate) you simply light up their lives, you are the oracle, the god, the seven wonder of the world to us.  I love how you see the world in them also, the love is endless, to eternity and beyond.

You have loved them from the very first moment and have been interested in every aspect of their lives ever since.  There is nothing you wouldn't do for your children, e...

Author: Jess   Date Posted: 31 August 2015  

So we all know that the world is in danger from us polluting it and we need to contribute towards a more sustainable way of life. This is not news to us. But, when you are a parent with three kids, a full time job, a dog, cat and general life commitments how do you manage to also consider your effect on the planet? Well here at Flower Child we thought we would give you a few little handy tips to become a full on eco warrior, without having to buy a cow or live in the woods!!!

Reducing your energy consumption will be good for the environment and your purse

As parents there is no gett...

Author: Fowo   Date Posted: 24 August 2015  

Co-sleeping, bed sharing, family bed; whatever you call it, the practice of sharing a bed with your baby is common in many parts of the world. Whether you live in a palatial 5-bedroom house or a 1-bedroom flat, the decision to share your bed with your baby is a personal one with potentially serious medical and emotional implications. So how do you decide whether co-sleeping is right for you?

Parents and studies alike cite numerous benefits to the family bed:

  • babies go to sleep more easily, especially during the first few months
  • encourages breastfeeding by making nighttime feeds more convenient for the mother
  • helps babies get more sleep by ...

Author: Neeley   Date Posted: 19 August 2015  

We have all been there. Your baby is turning one and the guest list writing has begun. You jot down the names of immediate family, your mothers group friends, and your pre-baby friends who still keep in touch. All of a sudden, your little 'gathering' has become an out-right extravaganza, and your head is left spinning at the prospects of where to put all of these people, what to feed them, and how on earth to pull this all together.

Emma Webb is a Project Manager and Events Coordinator who has seen this happen time and time again. First birthdays are getting bigger ...

Author: Glynis Howard   Date Posted: 19 August 2015  

This is a question I often asked my first daughter when she was an infant. I asked it in a sweet voice, I asked it in a pleading voice, I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, she never gave me the answer!

When our babies don’t sleep well, we tend to look for an explanation. We think it might be teething or gas. We worry that she’s too small and she needs to eat in the night, or he’s too big and he needs to eat more or he won’t feel full. The list goes on and on.

Are any of these explanations the real truth? Sometimes. But barring those times when your child has a burning fever or a new tooth coming in, the real reason most babies won’t slee...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 16 August 2015  

With Fathers Day fast approaching, a thought struck me today. It happened when my parents drove off to the airport to return home, after a ten day visit from New Zealand. Will my children have a strong connection with their Grandparents, like I did with  mine?  How will I facilitate that as a parent?

I loved all of my grandparents, but I was extremely close to my Nana Sweeney. I spent every school holidays with her that I can remember.  Our time was special ~ visits to the beach, going to the shops, cooking, and ...

Author: Angela   Date Posted: 12 August 2015  

Mummy's Daycare Tears

Today is my 2 year old child's daycare orientation day. To be honest I haven't put any emphasis on being prepared for that meeting or moment. I've researched daycare options, I have been to the daycare tour day and I've made my choice. My son is booked in to start soon and today will just be a few hours of meeting and greeting. My child has been given the opportunity to be introduced to new surroundings. In my instance this is a strong thought, as my son goes to family day care two day...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 10 August 2015  

I am certain that people who have or are going through an IVF cycle can say, it’s tough, it’s emotional, it can be stressful.  Your hopes and dreams are reliant on this cycle.  Is this it?  Will it work this time?  Will I survive?  You need this and want this.  When you have been invited to a baby shower whilst undergoing IVF, it’s common to want to burst into tears, as you open the beautiful invitation.  A question you may ask yourself is, if I attend, can I survive?  

The problem is, this question may not be easy to answer for some people.  Be...

Author: Flower Child   Date Posted: 7 August 2015  

The real “dirt” on washing Modern Cloth Nappies

Let's start off by being real. Washing modern cloth nappies probably isn't your favourite household chore! Modern cloth nappies get used day after day by our little ones so naturally we want them to be clean. After all, it's those little tushes that we want to protect from rashes and germs in the first place. Now I love my organic, “sunshine and rain will clean everything” thoughts, but when it comes down to the real “dirt” of cleaning the nappy, I want it C-L-E-A-N!

Up until recently, we’ve always spruiked either using no detergent, or if you’re a detergent-naz...

Author: Fowo   Date Posted: 6 August 2015  

When to announce your pregnancy?

From cute “Bun in the oven” cards to adorable “It’s a boy” signs, making your baby announcement is always exciting. However, deciding when to spill the baby beans can be tough for many reasons. Whether you’re an early spiller, safe mama or late bloomer, here are the pros and cons of telling at each stage and a few tips to help keep things under wraps s...

Author: Amy Kelly - aspiring nutritionist.   Date Posted: 29 July 2015  

Nutrition for kids is easy, right? Maybe, some parents would agree and some will be wondering what the words easy and nutrition are doing in a sentence with the word kids. Separating the real facts and useful tips from the well-meaning, but often conflicting, mountain of advice parents have thrown at them can be just as tricky as the rest of parenting is!


So what are the straight up nutritional needs of a child?

Author: Neeley   Date Posted: 24 July 2015  

When my twin babies were first born, I would happily snap photos left, right and centre, printing dozens of photos of them sleeping and carefully placing them into photo albums alongside lengthy descriptions of dates, times and achievements. As I moved forward, and my third daughter was born, I vowed to take the same time and care in documenting her milestones, her picturesque smiles and hilarious facial expressions.