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Author: Flower Child   Date Posted: 5 November 2015  


Author: Flower Child   Date Posted: 31 October 2015  

Debunking myths that being a sustainable parent is difficult and expensive.

Today’s fast paced society often means that we choose things for their convenience, often at the expense of the environment, our health, and our wallets.

What is sustainable parenting?

Put simply, it’s about making mindful choices that suit your family, reduce your impact on the environment and help your family lead a healthier lifestyle.

Think that sounds difficult and expensive? Here are my top 3 tips to help your family take their first steps to a more sustainable life.


Author: Ange   Date Posted: 31 October 2015  

Halloween Hot Spot Summary Guide

Check out the links below to find the best spots to enjoy the Halloween Festivities!

Sydney Inner West


Author: Flower Child   Date Posted: 29 October 2015  

The One Reason Why You Will Love Independent’s Day

No, it’s not that I can’t spell, and I’m not talking about the movie or the American Holiday.  What I am talking about are independent store owners.

It’s been bugging me since I happened to stumble upon Little Paper Lane, on my way to Vinnies of course, to try and find that elusive piece of furniture for the shop.

I’ll admit I don’t happen to be in Mona Vale often, only to drive through on the way to Flying Fox Park and Cafe.  So, with limited time, I was powering along the street and WHOA, what’s this quaint little store. Hmmm, I think.




Author: Ange   Date Posted: 28 October 2015  

4 Awkward Moments I've had with my Neighbours, because We Have Kids

I live in Sydney, On the Northern Beaches, and we live in an Apartment block.  Our children are 27 Months and 15 Months Old, and we have had some interesting encounters with our neighbours over the last year.  Here are 4 Awkward Moments we have shared our Neighbours, because we have Kids!


Author: Ange   Date Posted: 27 October 2015  

5 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear You Say

My husband and I are approaching our two year Wedding Anniversary, and during our relationship I have always thought it is important to give praise and positive feedback to help grow and develop the marriage, individual and family.  Believe me, I am no angel, and have also shared words that should never have come out of my mouth.  

Communication is key to a great partnership, so here are 5 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear You Say.

Forgive Me

We all make mistakes, but when something is done with purpose or intent, this is a good time to ask for "forgiveness".  Sorry s...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 25 October 2015  

Mummy Guilt Can Grab Us at Any Time. 

Here are my Tips to help you work through it.


As a Working Mum, this can creep up and make you feel bad about yourself, your parenting, and your life choices.

Here are my Tips to Reduce Mummy Guilt:

Reflect on everything that you enjoy.  Look at the positives, the big memories, the little ones, everything that makes you smile and laugh, with or without yoiur family.

Write a list of what's important.  Important to you personally, important to the family, important to your livelyhood, important to you for your kids, what's important to your part...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 24 October 2015  

Nappies of Cloth - Why Are They Such an Addictive Hobby for Mums?

Are You Already a Modern Cloth Nappy Addict? Are You Feeling the Call of the Cloth? What makes modern cloth nappies such an addictive hobby for Mums?

There is no doubt that mums get addicted to cloth nappies. With over 400 retailers of modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand, there is clearly a burgeoning demand for these high quality modern versions of the faithful old terry nappies. Modern Cloth Nappies are shaped, fitted and secure with snaps or Velcro. They can be as fast and easy to use as a disposable, or be an extremely cheap and budget friendly way t...

Author: Flower Child   Date Posted: 23 October 2015  

Introducing Katie Brown Yoga


Where  Northern beaches – Collaroy Plateau and Cromer area

Occupation  Mother, Yoga teacher and Writer

Mother to – Lucas, India and...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 21 October 2015  

I am sure I am not the only person, who at times, has had a disagreement with their husband, spouse or partner on how to parent their child or children.

This morning,  this happened in our household and I was not a happy mummy.  I had my opinion and I didn't understand why this was not a valid argument.  But I had not thought my partner's agreement was fair either.  I was at a lose, annoyed and felt misunderstood.  These days when you have unanswered questions you turn to the internet.

I searched; how to reduce the amount your child cries?  How to manage a difficult child?  Attachment parenting disadvantages? What to do when you disag...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 16 October 2015  

There are many Dad Sterotypes, that imply the Dad is not as competent as the Mother in parenting their child. I don't understand why we need to judge people's parenting style, and in this case the Father's.  I think Father's are working equality as hard as Mother's to be the best parent they can be.  We all have struggles as a parent, but these are not isolated the Mother or Father, and does not represent your love you have for your child.  I have read an article from Sarah Khan from Ravish...

Author: Flower Child & Charli Chair   Date Posted: 14 October 2015  


This issue is magnified when kids are left to their own devices and the bath tub ...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 13 October 2015  

During my Second Pregnancy I was shocked to learn I had Gestational Diabetes.  You just don't think these things will happen to you, that this can have a serious impact on yourself and the baby, and that is is common.  I also found it interesting that we don't speak out about having Gestational Diabetes. I didn't have anyone in my circle that had experienced this, therefore I needed to seek support from other people who were experiencing this for the first time.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes, is Diabetes occuring whilst you ar...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 9 October 2015  

This week my gorgeous friend had her first baby!  I am super excited for the family, and have exchanged a few text messages to see how she is going with her new journey of motherhood.  When a new baby arrives into a family, we want to give the newbie parents the space, to find their feet, and stare at their baby all day long.  We know that there are ups and downs, and would love to help them adjust to this new amazing chapter in their lives.  This made me have a really good think about unique ways to help out new parents.  Things that helped me out so much in the early days, but things I could have only dreamt of.  All New p...

Author: Neeley   Date Posted: 9 September 2015  

Once, a few years ago when I was heavily pregnant, a friends' husband struck up a polite conversation about how I was feeling. Before long, he had launched into an angry tirade about his wife's response to her newly diagnosed Post Natal Depression, and he explained to me how it was all in her head. He told me private details about their personal lives, their arguments, their troubles, even their sex life. He confided that she was 'crazy' and that I had to promise that I would keep it together when my baby came. I didn't have much experience with PND, but I knew then, down to the very depths of my core, that he was wrong. 

How could a...

Author: Fowo   Date Posted: 9 September 2015  

Tips for Dressing your Bump

Shopping for clothes when your body is constantly changing can be challenging.

Comfort and class are critical when dressing your bump for every trimester, so here are some tips to get you started this summer:

First Trimester: Keeping it under wraps

When you first discover you’re pregnant, it may be all you can do to keep from telling everyone you meet because your excitement is hard to contain. Howev...

Author: Ange   Date Posted: 6 September 2015  

Dear Husband,

Thank you for being the most amazing Father, to our precious children, Braxton and Estelle.  Our little poeple love you more than anything, (even more that the Wiggles, Cricket, Singing and Chocolate) you simply light up their lives, you are the oracle, the god, the seven wonder of the world to us.  I love how you see the world in them also, the love is endless, to eternity and beyond.

You have loved them from the very first moment and have been interested in every aspect of their lives ever since.  There is nothing you wouldn't do for your children, e...

Author: Flower Child & Charli Chair   Date Posted: 1 September 2015  


What this means is that you are most probably short of a bath tub at your place. Showers are grea...

Author: Jess   Date Posted: 31 August 2015  

So we all know that the world is in danger from us polluting it and we need to contribute towards a more sustainable way of life. This is not news to us. But, when you are a parent with three kids, a full time job, a dog, cat and general life commitments how do you manage to also consider your effect on the planet? Well here at Flower Child we thought we would give you a few little handy tips to become a full on eco warrior, without having to buy a cow or live in the woods!!!

Reducing your energy consumption will be good for the environment and your purse

As parents there is no gett...

Author: Fowo   Date Posted: 24 August 2015  

Co-sleeping, bed sharing, family bed; whatever you call it, the practice of sharing a bed with your baby is common in many parts of the world. Whether you live in a palatial 5-bedroom house or a 1-bedroom flat, the decision to share your bed with your baby is a personal one with potentially serious medical and emotional implications. So how do you decide whether co-sleeping is right for you?

Parents and studies alike cite numerous benefits to the family bed:

  • babies go to sleep more easily, especially during the first few months
  • encourages breastfeeding by making nighttime feeds more convenient for the mother
  • helps babies get more sleep by ...